Skill Checks

Basic skill check:

roll 2d4, add attribute, add skill
4’s are wild – if you roll a 4, reroll.
Double 1’s are always a failure.

Note on probability:
You have a 50-50 chance of rolling a 6.

You can see the modeling of this die system here (thanks to my brilliant buddy Michael Constant):

Opposed checks:
Both characters Roll 2d4, add relevant attribute and skill, highest wins, ties go to attacker.

Attribute Check / Save:
Attribute checks are different than skill checks, adding only the attribute instead of skill+attribute. Since attributes won’t go up too much, these should represent game elements we don’t want to scale (much), like:

Ability to take damage
Feats of strength
Intuitive leaps, connections
Saving throws (do these exist or are they just opposed checks?)
Ability to resist magic

Skill check basic targets:

At level 1 your skills will be 1 and you might have an additional point and your average attribute will be 3 or 4, meaning a 4-6 for average people

So target number of 10 means a level 1 character standing still, firing their skill weapon will hit a 9-12 50% of the time. That’s what we want – a target number that’s within reach of the less skilled characters.

Skill Checks

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