Ongoing Google Map of Portland

Map of Portland

This has some overlays showing corporate control zones, gang territories and a few points of interest that’ve developed as the game has been played.

This is definitely a work in progress, but is useful for getting a sense of what kind of zone you’re adventuring into.

I’m considering a neighborhood rating system to simplify things a little – giving each zone a control rating along the following lines:
AAA – Near complete control, heavy security, near 150% coverage for passive security, very rapid response teams.
AA – Very strong presence, fortified against incursion, 100% coverage for passive security, rapid response teams.
A – Strong presence ensures safety of important soft assets, 80% coverage for passive security, regular patrols and security presences.
B – Strong presence ensures safety of brick+mortar assets. Regular patrols and response assets.
C – Considered unsafe for non security personnel. Response assets only.
D – Only in armed force. No local assets.
F – No go area for that presence. Area is too dangerous for any kind of regular activity here.

And each type of local presence would get a rating
Org Crime

I doubt gangs would ever create a stronger than B rating, though generally it’d be a C rating for even a gang’s normal turf.
Org crime strongholds might generate an A rating but generally would just be a B rating.
Corporate Enclaves would start at A and likely turn into AA in subsectors and AAA at/around important facilities.

Ongoing Google Map of Portland

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