Overall goal:
A character should have about a +3 to their general checks up to a potential +6 on one specific ability/skill every 3 levels. Any skill you always add 1 point to is going to go up by +3 every 3 levels. Talents/cyberware/magic will give you the ability to jack up


Heroic way: Champs gain an attribute point (to add a +1 to any attribute) every 3 levels (meaning level 9 characters are going to be really badass… which is maybe scary, maybe not scary).

Nonheroic way: attributes don’t go up at all, except by application of cyberware.

The disadvantage to the heroic way is that it gives cybered characters less of a distinct advantage. That’s a key flavor to the game. Maybe just adding +1 very 4 levels or even every 6 is the way to go.

You get either 3 or INT skill points per level and your max level in a skill is equal to your level (I can’t decide if this should be fixed or variable depending on INT – it may overfavor the Techie cyberwarrior.)

Idea: some Talents will allow you to have a single skill at 1.5x your level (this may be too powerful for some classes – weapon skills and magic skills are incredibly important.)
You gain a talent every 3 levels.

It’d be good for each class to gain some kind of generic bonus based on their level, not to mention adding their level to various situations such as opposed skill checks, etc.

Style Points:
Each level you gain a Style Point

Experience points:
Instead of having XP to track, I think a rule of thumb should be that every 2-4 sessions the party levels. Individually exceptional actions that would normally grant extra XP should give an extra Style Point. Maybe if the group makes a wicked good plan or some such they can be rewarded with a “Party Style Point”. That’ll give everyone some instant gratification, as well as speeding their process towards the next level.


CP2053 - Shadowrun / Cyberpunk simonmaxhill