So attributes should vary between 1-6, because they’re being added to a 2d4 roll. 3 or 4 should be ok. For every two points taken away from other attributes, you should get a +1 in an attribute. Getting an attributes to 6 without racial modifiers would be very hard, and even getting past 5 involves a lot of specialization.

These start at 3 and can be raised or lowered at a ratio of 1 to 2
BODY – pure toughness, ability to keep functioning after taking damage
DEX – nimbleness and speed
STRENGTH – raw strength and the correct application thereof
INTELLIGENCE – analytical speed and accuracy
COOL (this would normally be a secondary attribute, but because the game is CP we will emphasize and reward people for being cool) – wits, confidence as well a the ability to project these things into the world, as well as being the relevant attribute for initiative.
HUMANITY – ability to understand other people, willpower and resolve, the ability to connect with other people._ This attribute is reduced by unacclimated cyberware or magic items._
All characters start at 6 movement (except for Dwarves.) You can’t lower your MOVE, but it can be increased in the same way as other attributes (or perhaps at a 1-1 ratio of increase instead of 2-1.) Mostly people are going to have a 6 MOVE… it’s possible that there could be a REF based skill that could increase your movement in any given turn. Sort of a “sprint” skill that could succeed or fail depending on the situation._

Spellcasters are going to be reliant on three or four attributes:

INT will affect the power of some spells
DEX will affect their ability to hit with targeted spells
BOD will affect their ability to cast spells beyond their normal slots
HUM will affect the ceiling of their spell points


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