The World At a Glance

Here’s short summaries of how various countries / regions fare in 2053:

TIBET: Entire country spontaneously combusted at Awakening

USA/CANADA: Food famines, plagues, wars, nuked

RUSSIA: Food famines, plagues, war, not nuked (ok, a little nuked)

JAPAN: owns the moon


CHINA: Civil war with nukes & magic. Megacorporations are funding/arming various factions.

EUROPE: Rich corporatized states dominated by a Swiss/German/Turkish goverment/megacorp.

AFRICA: The Eurocorps are re-colonizing the countryside and conducting terraforming experiments.

UGANDA: Owns the only part of the moon that Japan doesn’t own

SOUTH AMERICA: Food famines, plagues, wars, nuked

MEXICO: Stable-ish corporate gov’t. Cartel resources prevented food famines and staved off invasion by US troops. Cartel scientists demonstrate a genius for practical bio-tech. Drug cartels corporatize and take over governance from the federal government. This is a rare instance of corporations actually taking over government duties.

AUSTRALIA: At Awakening a magic field appeared over the continent, blocking satellite and visual imaging. Communications from inside the country reveal that Aborigine magic is immensely powerful – at Awakening all non-aboriginal humans were transformed into animals. Country is very isolationist and attempted nuclear strikes early in the awakening were ineffective at breaching the shield.

NEW ZEALAND: Magical bleed from Australia’s incident has turned the entire country literally into sheep and hobbits. Hobbits appear to breed asexually and have a rapid gestation and maturation rate. Megacorporate interests, seeing the threat of the hobbit population filled the island with autonomous kill-bots with genocide programming. The second wave of AI viruses infected a large percentage of these kill bots, and now the island is a no-go zone. Yet after years of genocide, hobbits still persist, though terrorized by the evolutions of the combat droids that are the island’s dominant species.

The World At a Glance

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