Portland is dominated by three megacorporate interests, with numerous local subsidiaries in each corporate enclave. The major local subsidiaries are listed here, but the big three megacorporations all have divisions covering one another’s markets.

Fuchi Cybertechnology

Primary Enclave in SW/Waterfront Portland.
local subsidiaries
-Nike Cybern (military cyberware)
-Adidas Medical (entertainment pharmacologists)
-ONSU Oregon Nanotech Sciences University (medical technologies)
-Zeta Security Enterprises (corporate law enforcement/security)

Primary Enclave in NW/St John’s Portland
local subsidiaries
-Rocket Pizza (international fast food delivery franchise)
-Schnitzer Recycling and Recovery (scavenging/recovery of abandoned cities)
-Grupo XVIII Security Enterprises (corporate law enforcement/security)
-Apple iT+ Development Division (copyright protection/violation software, primarily)

Yamatetsu EVO
Primary Enclave in NE Portland by the space port
local subsidiaries
-Evergreen Intersystem Aviation (space cargo support systems)
-Boeing GEV (personal transport ground effect vehicle research/development)
-Globall (information infrastructure)
-Union Jack Mercenary Services

Minor Megacorporate Presences:

Militech owns a few local corporations specializing in beachhead services for other corporations.
local subsidiaries
-Acropolis Pacification Services (specialists in urban reclamation projects in high risk territories)
-Tiger Cab International (safe transport of human resources)

local subsidiaries
-Swift Wind Riverine (small oceangoing vessels, riverine cargo craft, submarines)
-Vaxion Cyber (consumer cybertechnology)

Saeder Krupp
local subsidiaries
-Great Harvest Soy (mass market food r&d)
-Weinschnitzel International (international fast food delivery franchise)
-Uber Software Development (entertainment pharmacologists)


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