Metahumanity (Fantasy Races)

Stable (and unstable) variations on humanity have burst into existence. The common term for these races/subtypes are “metahumans”.

Humans: nothing to see here, move along. Very common in population centers.

Elves: the only metahumans without innate radiation resistance, very common in corporations and more common in Europe and China than elsewhere. Rare in US population centers, although the appearance of REAL other races throughout the world made the Otherkin [those who believe they have “otherworldly” blood in their veins] population flourish, with many more opting for physical alterations. Some of these kind become more popular with the rebellious crowd. When surgeries go wrong, or are bought on the cheap, however, they are often mocked as “elftards.”

Orks: tough, uncouth, radiation resistant. Very common in population centers.

Dwarves: tough, naturally technical, radiation resistant. Common in population centers.

Trolls: very tough, somewhat stupid, radiation resistant, not edible by ghouls, rare in US population centers.

Hobbits/halflings: stupid, greedy and whiny – they breed and eat so aggressively that they’re considered by most governments and corporations to be a form of plague. Where clutches of Hobbits are found, extermination orders are put into place. Only common in New Zealand [they encourage their habitats for tourism purposes], though outbreaks of Hobbit have occured on every continent.

Ghouls: fast, stupid and cannibalistic – fragile, but with superhuman recuperative powers. The largest population of ghouls is in Nevada at the site of Burning Man – this “voluntary community” manifested the ghoul metatype at a rate of 85 per 100. The other 15 per 100 were immediately eaten, except for the trolls, which do not taste good to ghouls. Common near population centers. Fallout LARPing has become much easier to organize in Nevada, though obviously it is much more dangerous now.

Fairies: this is really just a subculture of elves, essentially cosplayers using myth/religion to brand themselves. Common in Northern California. Humans imitating the elf-fairies are slurred as “faire-res.”

Vampires: another subculture of elves – there’s a lot of different metahuman races that are just impoverished elves fooling people. Common in Southern California and Florida. Again, much like above, “vamptards” (poseur vampires) have begun springing up even moreso than today.

Metahumanity (Fantasy Races)

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