So I’ve been kicking around a little Cyberpunk / Shadowrun world and homebrew rule. This campaign page is intended primarily for hashing out ideas for a global / local perspective on what the game world will be like.

Feel free to invent new things or add critique/comments to different areas. It’s most definitely a work in process.

Basic concept:

The world ought to be a paradise – miraculous technologies exist and are constantly discovered every month, magic has re-emerged, but things have gone pretty wrong.

The US and much of the world is wasteland, with the mass of population crammed into shanty-suburbs clinging to the edges of fortresslike corporate zones. Some portions of the country are so overrun with radiation, magical creatures and freak weather that they can’t even be flown over.

Humankind would have died out in the first years of The Awakening, except for the critical mass of technological discovery and innovation – advances in bio and nano technology bring daily miracles. Of course, a great many of these miracles are untested, unsupervised and implemented without consideration of the dangers of the unexpected. Society is unrecognizable from 5 years ago, 3 years ago and sometimes even last week.

Government exists, but even before the plagues and wars it existed solely because corporations didn’t want to spend money on governing. Even the lowliest corporate employee sees themselves as exempt from city, state or federal government law.

It always rains, except when it snows, and the snow is usually radioactive. If you don’t like the rain, you can go out into the desert wastelands – if you live long enough out there, you’ll get to see it snow in the desert… and the snow is usually radioactive.

Orks, dwarves and trolls have re-emerged, along with a seemingly endless variation of mythical monster and vermin (Elves, Hobbits, Elves.)

Magic is also back, for a lucky few.

And dragons… of course there are dragons…

Sources (I own most of these books and can loan em to you if you want something to read that’ll get you inspired for the game):
Cyberpunk 2013 + its sourcebooks
Shadowrun + its sourcebooks
Novels - The Neuromancer Trilogy
Novel – Snow Crash
Novel – “Crash Course”
Novel – Hard Wired


CP2053 - Shadowrun / Cyberpunk

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